The volume of exports of organic cereals cultivated by the national farmers is continuously increasing.  Thanks to the support provided, 63 farmers of Prograin Organic from 23 districts have succeeded to export the organic products to the European Union by implementing the project „Fortified Organic Agriculture” funded by the Agency within the frameworks of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Environmental Politics of the Netherlands and supported by the Czech Agency for Development. It was pointed out at the Annual Conference ”PROGRAIN ORGANIC-PROMOTER OF  ORGANIC AGRICULTURE IN THE REPUBLIC OF  MOLDOVA”, 1st Edition that took place on May 29 at one restaurant in Chisinau, with the support of People in Need Moldova.

The following persons have participated at the conference: Mr. Nicolae Ciubuc, Minister of  Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, Mr. Jan Husák – Councilor, Agenda of Cooperation and Development Projects, Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the Czech Republic, Mr. Sergiu Harea, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, Ms. Silvia Bicenco,  country director People in Need Moldova, 63 farmers of  PROGRAIN ORGANIC, presidents of the district councils, foreign partners and buyers from the EU as well as from the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria and national and international experts in the organic agriculture.

The main subjects tackled at the conference were: evolution and sustainability of the project, ulterior investments in the value chain, importance of connection with the buyers from the EU, analysis of the evolution of market prices, strategy of prices for crops, etc.

At the presentations, the following companies were awarded the prize:

  • ”LOGOFAT-PRIM” LLC, ”MICU & CO” LLC and ”LUNCA VASCAUTULUI ” LLC -the farmers that have reached the highest level of organization of integrated organic farm;
  • ”FOCARO-AGRO” LLC, Joint Venture ”AGROELIT” LLC  and ”TETRACOM-AGRO” LLC -farmers of the district of  Hincesti that are on the first place in the country as for the land in the organic system – 1 209.97 ha;
  • ”CATALAX-COM” LLC, FARM ”CEBOTARI EUGENIA VITALIE”, FARM ”ROTARU LUCIA”, ”CAMENCA NORD” LLC, ”CAZACU & CO” LLC- farmers that have made an important step and hold the agricultural land completely integrated in the organic system that is to be supported in creation of the zootechnical farms.

The farmers of the district of Glodeni have been awarded the price that are on the second place in the country as per the land in the organic system- 980.28 ha, but the first as for the number of farmers. The gratitude was brought and the awards were granted to the first farmers of PROGRAIN ORGANIC for high appreciation for devotement and substantial contribution in the organic agriculture.

Evolution of the exports maintains a positive tendency during the last three years, which makes the sector of organic agriculture become more and more attractive for the farmers. If in 2016, PROGRAIN ORGANIC exported to the European Union only five thousand tons of organic cereals/beans, the last year reached approximately 20 thousand tons of export. For the year of 2019 the company foresees the export of 30 thousand tons of organic goods. In this respect, the support of the non-governmental organization People in Need is remarkable. Silvia Bicenco, Country Director, People in Need Moldova, has expressed pride to farmers working in the sector who manage to export their production.

The following products have reached to date the European market: common wheat, spelt, oats, sunflower, corn, sorghum, mustard, green peas, split peas, soybeans, rye, chickpeas, lentils, beans, pumpkin,  lucerne, buckwheat – all grown in the organic system, without use of herbicides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers, which is confirmed by the organic certificates. The products are stored, conditioned and exported by means of the cereals terminal in the free economic zone of the International Port of Giurgiulesti, which is the first in the Republic of Moldova to be certified according to the forage safety and quality standard, GMP+B3.

According to Vasile Politov, cofounder of Prograin Organic, within the frameworks of the company organic crops are produced on the surface of more than 9 thousand hectares, and they could get double next two years. Therefore, the necessary amount of organic fertilizers cannot be covered by the existing resources and besides the basic activity, development of the zootechnical sector gets priority.

Spartac Chilat, cofounder of Prograin Organic, has underlined the importance of promotion of the organic agriculture, and especially, of the Republic of Moldova as a producer and supplier of organic cereals at the market of the European Union.

Mr. Nicolae Ciubuc, Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment has mentioned that he was honored to participate at the conference organized by PROGRAIN ORGANIC along with a group of the farmers that practice the organic agriculture in the Republic of Moldova, to whom he wished a lot of success and beautiful achievements.

Cultivation of cereals in the organic regime is beneficial for health as well as for soil and water, degradation of which ceases once the chemical products are not used any more upon cultivation of the healthy products. The advantages of the organic products are visible both for the people that consume healthy products and for the business environment, where the prosperous business can develop, so that the economic outcome and profit is double as compared to the conventional agriculture. Practice of the organic agriculture will give an impetus to development of the zootehnical sector, which on its turn will contribute to improvement of the soil fertility, and PROGRAIN ORGANIC will continue to support and promote the organic agriculture, and next year the corresponding results will be presented at the Annual Conference that will take place in 2020.