Mission, Vision, Values

Our vision is organic products as the only sustainable development solutions for agriculture and humanity that configures a possible and desirable development of the organization. It requires dynamic and capable thinking that will evaluate the organization’s chances in the long run.

In the coming years, we will continue to grow the company safely, make sustained progress in the field in which we operate, strengthen established partnerships with our customers and suppliers, and continue to improve the professional skills of our employees so that we are recognized as a partner trust in organic farming.

PROGRAIN ORGANIC will become a regional European leader in organic agri-food products trading and production with important contribution to training farmers, as well as research and development to better integrate East with West.

In this context, Top management is committed:

  • to promote organic products as the only sustainable development solutions for agriculture;
  • to ensure the communication, understanding, analysis and implementation of all organization policies at all levels;
  • to periodically review the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System implemented and to support its ongoing improvement;
  • comply with national legislation and EU directives;
  • to create the necessary conditions for this to become a reality.