PROGRAIN ORGANIC operates in the field of cultivation, processing, storage, trading and export of organic  grains, seeds and pulses in the Republic of Moldova.

”PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C., founded on April 21, 2015, is the first company from Republic of Moldova, which has invested in the value chain of organic cereals. Together with a group of Moldovan farmers, who believe in the value of organic farming for the sustainability of the agricultural sector in Moldova, we are committed to supply you with high-quality organic products that are fully traceable from the field to the fork. So, the integration of organic farmers started with the investment in infrastructure projects, designed to facilitate the development of the ecological cereals cultivation.

In order to integrate the value chain of organic cereals, ”PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C. comes in support of organic farmers with the following:

  • Input supply for the organic cereals cultivation (seeds, fertilizers, biological plant protection products);
  • Assistance and monitoring of the certification process of fields cultivated in organic system;
  • Ensuring of collecting and storing logistics of the organic cereals;
  • Investment in organic grain processing lines;
  • Access to the markets of organic cereals.

”Prograin Organic” L.L.C. ensures the highest quality of services and products, being the first IFS certified company from the Republic of Moldova.

The entity owns in Floresti City an innovative warehouse, its own laboratory and a modern processing line, which ensures: receiving the goods, taking samples and carrying out physical, sensory, organoleptic and chemical analysis, unloading the goods, cleaning, peeling, calibration by weight, photo separation, X-ray scanning, CO2 treatment, packaging, vacuuming, storing the goods in big bags or silo bags for subsequent export.

Crops of interest promoted by the company are: spelt, wheat, oat, sunflower, corn, sorghum, mustard, green pea, yellow pea, soybean, rye, chickpeas, lentil, beans, pumpkin, alfalfa, buckwheat.

From 2022 Anders Invest International Food & Agri Holding BV became the majority founder of the Prograin group of companies. This new stage in the history of the group intervened with the setting of new objectives and strategies for the development of the organic agriculture in the Republic of Moldova. Anders Invest comes with clear thinking and acts with respect for mutually beneficial interests, with the primary focus being on respect and fruitful, long-term relationships. Being pleasantly different and having experience in the fields of production, strategy, finance and healthcare operations, Anders Invest works with a long-term, practical and value-oriented focus.

PROGRAIN ORGANIC creates real and sustainable solutions in the field of circular organic agriculture and organic food, which corresponds to the highest level of consumer’s expectation and is always open to establishing new partnership relations.

Our Dutch and Moldovan teams work in a close partnership with a selected group of producers to ensure a quality control throughout the whole cultivation process.

”Prograin Organic” L.L.C. and its producers are checked by the international control body BIO Inspecta, which carries out regular inspections and analysis to verify compliance with EU regulations (Reg. (EC) No 834/2007 and Reg. (EC) No 889/2008).

Due to our flexible pricing policy, we have the ability to instantly react to changes in the industry and offer our customers competitive pricing to maximize cost-effectiveness.


We have high standards and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products we possibly can.

  • All products meet the complex requirements of the quality food safety standard IFS.
  • We insure Responsible Farming & Sustainability
  • Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth


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