The largest export of organic cereals of “PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C.

The largest export of organic cereals of “PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C.

Premiere for the agricultural sector in the Republic of Moldova! “PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C., the first certified company in the country according to the GMP + standard, managed to carry out the largest export of organic production to the European Union market. Thus, 1200 tons of organic soybeans, equivalent to 48 trucks, transported by the Danube, shall arrive in Austria.

If so far PROGRAIN ORGANIC exports its merchandise largely through shipping containers, in 2019 due to the immense number of export requests in the EU, the Company will deliver in increasing quantities using river barges with a load capacity of over one thousand tons. Thus, fluvial export is an export for customers with volumes of 100-1500 tons.

In this context, Chilat Spartac, co-founder, mentioned that:

For PROGRAIN ORGANIC, there is another alternative to realize the organic products. Until now, the sale was only made on containers and trucks, and now we are giving way to a new race to increase the volumes of delivery and to improve the financial flows of the Company.

Production has been subject to the ECO certification procedure in order for the ship with organic soyabean to proceed to the destination. The 1200 tons of soybeans have been stored in authorized premises of the Company, located in the Free Trade Zone of the Giurgiulesti International Port, certified according to the GMP standard, which ensures compliance with the procedures for reception, storage and delivery and the quality indices in accordance with EU legislation. Currently “PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C. is the first and the only Company from the Republic of Moldova that has obtained this certification, implementing the integrated quality management, which embraces the HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) requirements, ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 Environment Management), ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management). All of this comes to ensure the traceability of the product, from the farmer to the storage area and then to the final consumer in Europe.

This means an additional capitalization of the resources of the Republic of Moldova. Currently our buyers are able to buy a hundred thousand tons. Our country offers only 25-30 thousand tons. Our goal is to double, even to triple the hectares this season. We are in open contact with all the peasant households that are interested.

Politov Vasile, co-founder, reiterated

Such a large export made was possible, first of all, thanks to the cooperation of “PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C. with more than 70 peasant households, their number growing noticeably lately. This increase was due to the increased confidence of farmers in the efficiency and productivity of organic farming, with the value added to the price about 70-80%.

PROGRAIN ORGANIC farmers enjoy countless advantages such as:

  • Delivery of inputs for the cultivation of cereals / bobs / organic legumes (seed material, fertilizers, biological plant protection products);
  • Assistance, information and monitoring of farmers in the certification of agricultural areas, cultivated in an ecological system;
  • Ensuring the logistics of the collection and storage of organic cereals in certified warehouses;
  • Consultation and provision of the necessary support for obtaining subsidies;
  • Lines of processing the latest generation of organic production;
  • Free access to EU markets.

Such performance demonstrates once again that organic agriculture has potential, and the Republic of Moldova is aiming to become one of the main suppliers of organic cereals and legumes to the European Union. This fact shows the certainty and confidence of the final buyer in the quality of Moldovan production.

The transportation of organic production in bulk on river barge upstream of the Danube, Central and Western Europe is an excellent opportunity for business and the environment. In 2019, “PROGRAIN ORGANIC” L.L.C. shall carry out shipments on sea vessels and barges in the amount of about 40,000 tons of organic cargo.