Prograin Organic launched the first certified organic product for human consumption – Organic spelt flour

Prograin Organic launched the first certified organic product for human consumption – Organic spelt flour

Spelt is a historic and unique nutritional crop that continues to attract consumer attention for its health benefits and culinary diversity.

History: Spelt Spelled is one of the oldest known agricultural crops, cultivated over 7000 years ago in regions of the Ancient Near East such as Mesopotamia and Asia Minor. Over time, it was replaced by common wheat, but in recent decades, spelt is regaining its popularity.

Benefits: Spelt has several significant benefits. First of all, it is rich in protein and nutrients such as B vitamins, iron and magnesium. It also contains less gluten than regular wheat and can be more easily tolerated by people with certain types of gluten sensitivity.

Health: Consuming spelt can contribute to healthy digestion and reduce inflammatory processes in the body due to its unique properties. It also helps maintain blood sugar levels and can help maintain stable energy levels.

Variation: Spelt is used in a variety of recipes, including breads, porridges, pastas and flakes. Its distinct, nut-like taste gives finished products a special flavor and taste.

Ecology: Spelt is also popular among those who love organic products, because only natural fertilizers are used in its cultivation, according to the requirements and norms of organic agriculture.

Thus, Prograin Organic launched the first BIO certified local product intended for human consumption. Organic spelt flour integrates the following elements of the value chain:

  1. The origin of ecological raw material in partnership with local farmers.
  2. Own raw material dehulling and processing line.
  3. Production of flour at the ecologically certified mill.
  4. Our flour meets all the requirements of national and European legislation for food production!

PROGRAIN ORGANIC organic spelt flour is freshly grinding and is perfect for making a wide range of bakery and pastry products, because:

  • Spelt wheat is an ancient relative of common wheat;
  • Organic flour is obtained without the use of chemicals and without genetic interventions;
  • Spelt flour gives bakery and pastry products an attractive appearance and a unique nutty flavor;
  • Higher content of nutrients (proteins, amino acids, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids);
  • Contains Thiocyanate, with a vitalizing, immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Rapid absorption of vital nutrients and easier digestion compared to other types of wheat;
  • Ideal ingredient for making bread, pizza tops, pies, cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes and more other;
  • Suitable for vegans.

PROGRAIN ORGANIC creates real and sustainable solutions in the field of circular ecological agriculture and organic food, which corresponds to the high level of consumer expectation!

Our organic spelt flour can be purchased from the organic products online platform: